(Report received on May 18th by Jan Willem van der Hoeven)

Reading what follows here underscores the abject and dangerous folly of those who still hold that a two state solution will solve Israel's problems. The opposite is true.

Monday, May 18, PM Netanyahu will meet with President Obama in Washington DC and will be under immense pressure to create an Arab State in the Land of Israel. Aside from violating "The Statute and eternal covenant" (See Divrei Hayamim 1: 16:15-18), an agreement would also create a terrible situation in the Land of Israel.

How so? The result will be:

1. The expulsion of nearly 300,000 Jews. The lives of 300,000 Jews will be ruined, as will yeshivot, shuls and kollelim, and the beautiful communities will be handed over to the enemy.

2. The surrender of the entire Samarian and Judean mountain range to the enemy (Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc.). Rockets from Hebron will hit Beersheba and Kiryat Gat; Bethlehem will hit Jerusalem; Bodrus will hit Ben-Gurion Airport; Rantis will hit Tel Aviv; Kalkilya will hit Kfar Saba and Raanana; Tulkarem will hit Netanya; Jenin will hit Afula and Nazareth.

3. The surrender of eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. No more visits to the Kotel. Even with Israeli control over eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the army has shut down the Kotel for hours at a time due to security concerns. In addition, the Jews in western Jerusalem will have to deal with constant rocket and mortar attacks, as did their parents and grandparents up until 1967.

4. The surrender of over 1/3 of Israel's water supply. Israel already faces a severe water crisis. The aquifers of Judea and Samaria are of the highest quality and supply the domestic needs of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba and most of the cities in the center of the country; they are also used for the irrigation of large agricultural areas along the coastal plain, the piedmont, the Beersheba valley and the Jezreel Valley.

5. The release of thousands of Arab murderers. This will strengthen the armies of Hamas and Fatah and destroy the morale of the Israeli army as it watches years of work unravel. Jewish soldiers will understand that they endanger their lives for nothing, and draft dodging will increase. In addition, the release will cause grave mental stress to all victims of terror and put the rest of the population in harm's way.

As a former IDF combat soldier and as one who is making Aliyah in the next several months, I am pleading with you to act! The "Disengagement" was only 4 years ago! 

Have we already forgotten how 10,000 Jews were thrown out from their homes, shuls, schools, yeshivahs, kollelim, mikvaot and hothouses? 

Have we already forgotten how those areas, which were full of life and Torah, were converted into terror training centers?

Have we already forgotten how Sderot was turned into a ghost town due to the non-stop rockets, that were a direct result of the "Disengagement"?

Have we already forgotten how most of world Jewry stood in dead silence as all this occurred? (Yosef Rabin)

Unity Coalition for Israel
publishes the following:

The "Demographic Time Bomb" scare - the tailwind of the "Two State Solution" - is challenged by London University's (Birkbeck College) Ph.D. candidate, Paul Morland.
Morland indicates that "the relatively high Jewish birthrate in Israel bucks the trend for developed societies, [while] the decline in the Arab birthrate within Israel accords with recent trends in the Islamic world:" Iran - 1.7 births per woman, Algeria - 1.8, Egypt - 2.7, Jordan - 2.47, etc.
According to Morlan, the challenge is not to defuse the "demographic time bomb," but to refute the "demographic scarecrow bomb."
In addition to Morlan's points, the substantial annual Arab net-emigration from Judea & Samaria on one hand, and the potential Aliya from the former USSR, USA, France, Britain, etc. on the other hand, may increase the current 67% Jewish majority to 80% Jewish majority in 2035 (over 98.5% of the land west of the Jordan River, without Gaza).
 And for those who have said: Okay, what then, if a Palestinian State will not lead to peace, then here is another way:
There is another way!

 Then leader of Israel's opposition, Yossi Sarid said (in an interview with The Jerusalem Post, 10.08.01):
"Every dispute around the world in history was solved through negotiations".
This mantra repeatedly verbalized across Israel's political spectrum, the notion that a solution with the Palestinians can only be found through negotiations is, however, entirely false.
Israel's negotiations have actually brought more violence, not less. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak's failure to reach a political solution despite his unprecedented concessions is just one proof of this.
The ONLY WAY a political solution can be reached via negotiations is if an Israeli government comes to power which, for the sake of regional peace, is willing to change Israel's nature so that it will no longer be a sovereign JEWISH state.
World history repeatedly evidences that conflicts initiated by aggressive regimes are usually only resolved militarily. From the Islamic conquest of Europe, through the aggression of Nazi Germany and Japan, through Soviet aggression against Berlin, Argentina's invasion of the Falklands, Noriega's dictatorship, North Korea's designs on South Korea, and Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, all the aggressors have been turned back by military means.
And in fact, where nations were persuaded to relinquish the fruits of their military prowess in exchange for negotiated settlements, it is nearly always the aggressor that has won.
Vietnam is an obvious example:
Through Henry Kissinger's negotiations with Hanoi, America's massive military investment into ensuring that South Vietnam remained free was lost. The north swallowed up the south as a direct result of the negotiated deal.
For decades, the Soviet Union enslaved Eastern Europe as a consequence of the negotiations between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.
Negotiations in and around Yugoslavia failed to bring the desired peace to that fractured land. Macedonia today is another clear example of the frequent futility of politically- negotiated settlements.
In Lebanon, neither the numerous treaties and negotiations, nor the years-long presence of U.N. peacekeeping troops, have led the country into freedom and real independence.
Egypt and Jordan - which received land and other benefits from Israel through the negotiating process, and as a result of these negotiations signed treaties with Israel - both  have already on occasion withdrawn their ambassadors from Tel Aviv, and are under increasing pressure to join the rest of the Arab world in the next war against Israel.
Do I need to name more examples? Despite untold days of negotiations by the parties involved, Kashmir and many others have yet to reach peaceful solutions to their problems, and the bloodshed continues to this day.
No, Mr. Yossi Sarid, you are wrong when you (and many others) say: "Every dispute around the world in history was solved through negotiations."
Posterity is proof that the opposite is true! Negotiations have very seldom satisfactorily solved conflicts.
History's near-unanimous lesson is this: You have to win a war in order to win a peace.
I am afraid that, until Israel has suffered even more violence, its leaders will not be willing to even consider what I believe to be the only way out of its present predicament.
There is no doubt that what's called for is a new leadership, a more correct perception of the realities, a sound recognition of the enemy's aims, and clear, definitive strategic-political planning. There must be no fumbling in the dark and no mere tactical expedients, for these will get us nowhere.  If we don't have a well-defined, realistic objective, we won't have to fight the Arabs for our survival.  The Arabs won't need to fight.  The Jews, as usual, will destroy themselves. (Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu: Self-portrait of a hero, page 227).
In order to extract Israel from its perilous position, the IDF will have to re-enter all the "Area A" territories now under Palestinian Authority control, and reinstitute Israeli law and order there by:
1.    Imprisoning all known terrorists.
2.    Confiscating all illegal weapons.
3.    Closing, until they relent, all institutions that promote violent jihad against the Jews.
4.    Guaranteeing the protection of all Palestinians who sincerely foreswear violence and want to live in peace with Israel.
5.    Giving these Arabs as much independence as possible; and offering them the chance to become Israeli citizens with full rights and full obligations (including military service).
If - given that no political solution is presently possible - whether out of fear of drawing the Arab states into war or of further antagonizing a hostile world, Israel does not take these essential steps to restore calm, then the following may happen:
1.    A total security collapse in Israel, both within and without the green line.
2.    A sustained and increasing drop in tourism leading to a serious economic downswing.
3.    A successful turning of the tables by the Palestinians through continued terrorism and Israeli counteraction - resulting in the insertion of an international observer force into the "territories."
4.    A keeping alive of the hope and intention of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims to create an Islamic Palestinian state, which will become a springboard all fanatical forces will use to do away with Israel.
5.    The denial of the relevance of the age-old biblical promise of this land to the Jews jeopardizes Israel's whole historical claim.
Shortsighted politicians will counter that retaking control of these areas would create a demographic nightmare - with the Arab population of such an all-encompassing state soon outnumbering its Jews.
Quite the opposite is true.
The moment Israel reestablishes full sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel, over a million of the Muslim Arabs now living in Judea and Samaria would choose not to become fully-fledged citizens of this, Jewish State, and leave of their own accord.  At the same time, numerous Jews still in the Diaspora would come to settle in Judea and Samaria, creating a totally different demographic situation.
Israel's failure to take these drastic measures may well place what is now left of the tiny Jewish state and its people in insurmountable danger, security-wise, economically, and even demographically.
May God raise courageous men in Israel to make the right decisions!