Will the 'Danish camp' get permission to continue their work in Israel?



Some time has passed by since you received our last update in regard to the possibility for us to stay in our desert site and continue the work in Israel.


For the time being we are in a situation that couldn’t be worse – humanly speaking. Two letters have been delivered from the Israeli Interior Ministry. One to a local farmer, Ynon, who is a member of our ‘Amuta’ (association of Desert Peace), and the other one to our lawyer, Yael Katz, in Tel Aviv.


In the first letter our local member of the amuta is told that he cannot invite Benjamin and Lee to the country; thus the fatal stamp: ‘Entry Denied’ which they received in their passport is being upheld. In the second letter our lawyer is being informed that the application that I myself, Gisèle and Maria did file with the Interior Ministry in Beersheva in regard to a new visa-status has been rejected. With other words: In these hours our days are counted regarding our work in Israel – according to the actual circumstances!


However, we have received a word from the Lord that we keep in our hearts in this difficult time: “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants and their victory from Me, says the Lord” (Is.54:17).


Both letters will be appealed against. Our farmer-friend applies for a revision of the case (with new letters of approval from the local Israeli authorities attached) and the lawyer from Tel Aviv is sending a new appeal with a recommendation from the Israeli Foreign Ministry (sent to her by the Israeli Embassy in Denmark).


We ask all our English speaking friends to stand together with us in prayer that this Danish ‘outpost’ in the Israeli desert may continue in the purpose to which it is called. On the 15th of March this year we have kept ‘the desert-fortress’ alive for seven years, and we can’t imagine that it is meant to fall apart now. Thank you for interceding on our behalf in the coming weeks…


Yours in Christ

Johny Noer