(by Willem van der Hooven)

Please! Pray for the upcoming general elections in Israel on February the 10th!

During my just-completed visit to the Netherlands - where I spoke every night all over that nation - I was amazed and encouraged with the response of the people.

It was so good to see how Dutch believers were willingly open to being challenged with the truth concerning Israel in the midst of the sea of misinformation, bias and anti-Semitism that is evident in so much of the media there - as it is in most other countries. God's real believing children appear to stand out as they become increasingly crystallized in their determination to go against the flow of the generally-accepted thinking of this world: to stand with and comfort the people of Israel at this time of increased international pressure and isolation.

And indeed, the Bible foretells that "ten out of each nation" will in the end come over to Israel's side and say, 'we will go with you for we have heard that God is with you..' I am increasingly convinced that we are seeing this alignment taking place in our day.

I believe that, as the Psalmist says in Psalm 102, from God's point of view the time - the appointed or "set" time - to favour Zion has come: God is determined to show Israel His compassion and favour at this time, whatever the nations choose to do in regard to His chosen ones.

Right now - as I wrote you before - we are on the verge of completing the beautiful and greatly anointed television presentation to urge the Israelis in the imminent general elections to vote for those who will be strong enough to withstand the enormous international pressure that is about to be brought upon Israel.

It is, as God said to Joshua one day, "Only be thou strong and very courageous."

The outcome we desperately want and are praying for is that the February 10 election will bring to power a government that is able to hold onto the land God has given to His people; a leadership that will resist further global pressure for the creation of a Palestinian state in this land which would be turned into a springboard for Israel's destruction.

As former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin once stated: "A Palestinian state will rise upon the ruins of the State of Israel."

It is so important, therefore, that we pray for the Lord to now raise up a government of His choice that will be strong enough to resist the this massive worldwide effort.

Once this promotional has been screened by Israeli television we hope to make it available for you to use as a tool with which to bring encouragement to Israel and to those who stand with her around the world.

Please, as I wrote you before, do stand with us in this rather costly endeavour. We look to you to help us help Israel in this way, and we are so thankful for your help.

May the Lord hear our prayers, especially for this election and use this carefully and sacrificially made promo also for His purpose!