In the middle of June this year, the Israeli army, IDF, granted an extraordinary permission for a special event to take place at border post no. 104 between Jordan and Israel.

Two days before the Feast of Tabernacles, on October 12th, a large group of Papuans from the Western part of New Guinea will dance ‘a welcome dance to the Messiah’ at the border post just opposite the ancient biblical town of Bozra, which is situated on the mount of Edom in Jordan.

The Papuans, who arrived last year with one kilo of gold to the future Temple in Jerusalem, have (like the Jewish prophet Daniel of old (9:2)) ‘understood from the Scriptures’ that Messiah will appear ‘from Edom, from Bozra, striding forward in the greatness of His strength’ (Is.63:1-2). Now the Papuans went to prepare the way for Him (Is.35:8 and Is.40:3) and their first step will be their native ‘welcome dance to the Messiah’.

The event is organised by the Israel-Papuan Bridge represented by Iris Bouwman and Janny Holster, Jerusalem and the Danish Pilgrim Convoy by Johny Noer. The celebration takes place on Sunday October 12th at 15.00 h just south of Moshav Hazeva, 100 miles north of Eilat. There will be parking possibilities in the ‘no man’s land’, near the Peace Route between Moshav Iddan and Moshav Hazeva. The Papuans will be accommodated in the Danish Pilgrim camp, Givat Hazeva, and the American archaeological site, Blossoming Rose, near Ir Ovot. Danish artists will support the Papuan dancers. The Papuan dance will be repeated during the Succoth celebration in the Valley of Hinnom, on October 15th at 15.30 in Jerusalem. This event is hosted by the International Christian Zionist Centre. All are welcome on both occasions. Entrance is free.