Hamas won the majority of the votes back in the Jan. 2006 elections, at least 70% I believe.  But Fatah won the rest so by the proportionality system they were still in the govt., but as the minority.

Israel and the USA kept promoting Fatah because they are more "moderate".  But it was always a sham.  The real power was in the hands of Hamas, especially in Gaza, and now this has been fully demonstrated.

We can be grateful for 2 things: That Israel did NOT give in to the USA pressure, this time, to enter Gaza and actively take the side of Abbas. That would have been crazy. Why go down with that ship?  Plus, Abbas is truly a "moderate" - like the Pope is truly a Protestant!!

There are shades of evil, and Fatah is shades less evil than Hamas, that's all. The other thing is that now it is at least 101% clear to Israel, and to all, that Hamas is fully in charge in Gaza.  No more pretenses.  So, theoretically, the next time rockets land in Sderot, we can hold Hamas fully accountable and act accordingly. I hope we will.

Gaza is Gaza. BUT the much worse danger now is that Hamas takes over the West Bank.  That would be MUCH worse for Israel.  Hamas is much weaker right now in the West Bank than they are in Gaza, but they will try.

Israel cannot let that happen.  The worst case scenario goes like this now:  While we are protecting ourselves from the new "Hamastan" in Gaza, front 1, Hamas starts violently wiping out Fatah in the West Bank.  Israel, per force, must intervene militarily to help Fatah, which they would do, because as bad as Fatah is, they dont send rockets to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from the West Bank right now, etc.  So we are defending on front 1, attacking and defending on front 2.

Then Hezbollah, sensing Israel is deeply involved with the grave new dangers in the West Bank, deliberately starts trouble in the north, from South Lebanon.  Israel engages them also, which we must, that's 3 fronts.

Then Syria, now emboldened, enters the fray:  Front 4 for Israel.

Finally Iran gets involved, directly, if they can, which would be front 5!!

How many fronts can little Israel contain?

That would mean a very serious and all out war THIS YEAR, with thousands of Israeli casualties.  It would make last summer's war in Lebanon look like a stroll in the park.  YES, Israel would win this war, by God's help, but at a big price (David Decker).