From Janny Holster and Iris Bouwman, I have received the following:

"When He utters His voice there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and He makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth. He sends lightning with the rain. He brings wind out of His storehouses." (Jeremiah 51:16)


During a prayer meeting in the south of Israel one of the intercessors saw a windstorm blowing back and forth between heaven and earth. Catherine Brown writes: "As the windstorm gathered momentum, a lightning strike was released from the heavens to the earth, creating a fire inside the wind tunnel. In the fire appeared the words "Elohim Adonai." The fire raced from the South up to Jerusalem. It was rapid fire, and when the fire hit Jerusalem, another large windstorm appeared on the land. From this windstorm, mini tornadoes were released which began shooting out to the nations, spreading the Holy Fire of God. This speaks of acceleration and multiplication, and the establishment of a prophetic movement, birthed in the fire of God's Holy Presence in Israel, which will affect the destiny of all nations."


that what God is showing to His intercessors in the spiritual realm will become a reality in Israel and will also effect the nations that Godís fire will bring forth holiness and a move of people turning to Him


All over the world we see changes in the weather. While it was unusually dry in the Netherlands in April and May, rain still fell in Israel. Rain is always welcome, but not common this time of the year. The dry season normally begins in April and finishes with the early rains in autumn. This latter rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning and unusual winds. During this time we visited the Scorpion Pass (Num. 34:4 & Joshua. 15:3) with two different groups of young "Gideonites" whom the Lord is preparing to become more involved in the battle over Israel. From this hilltop in the South East of the Negev desert we looked over the Arabah Valley and the mountains of Edom (also called Seir in the Bible). In clear weather you can see the lights of the modern city of Bozra by night. But this time we couldnít see anything, even though we came by day. The sky was ominously dark and there was lightning all around us. It started to rain and when we got down into the valley, the normally dry riverbeds started to fill up with water. During our second visit we could hardly see because of a tremendous sandstorm. We were almost blown off the hill.

Did these weather conditions convey something of the message of the person who will come from Edom to carry out the vengeance of the Lord and who will bring redemption to the earth? We dwelled on this message in Isaiah 63:1-6 and 34:1-8 and wondered who this person is. Isaiah says, He looked around but there was no one to help. No one sustained Him. Israel must often feel the same. However we believe the Bible is speaking here about the Redeemer of Israel, who is calling us to sustain Him in the revenge in defence of Zion.


- regarding the increasing battle around Israel

- that more people will hear the Lord speak even in the changing weather conditions and will grasp more of His plan and purposes

- that the end time scenario will become clear for those whom God want to involve in His plan

- that more "Gideonites" will be raised up, young and old, who are willing to come alongside the Redeemer of Israel in defence of Zion


More and more Christians are becoming involved in Godís plan with Israel and flowing with the wind of His presence. However there is headwind also. This became clear last week by a ruling of the Chief Rabbis. The Rabbis ruled that efforts to unite "Judeo-Christian values" and the study of "the Jewish foundations of Christianity" are forbidden and are actually part of a long-running campaign to bring Israeli-Jews to believe in Jesus. They reacted against the effort to bring Jewish women and Christian women together to study the Word during a special conference that will be followed by the "Knesset Christian Allies Caucus Womenís Summit". The mission of CAC is to build a direct line of communication, cooperation and coordination between the Knesset (Israeli Government) and Christian leaders around the world. The caucus works with Christians who support Israel. Many Christians recognize that their belief in the Bible connects them to the land and the people of Israel. Bibi Netanyahu (Likud) said about them, "They are not just friends of Israel, they are Israel! They want to help and support us." But the Rabbis are afraid the Christians have the same goals as the Messianic Jews, who according to them are wreaking havoc and destruction in Israel by trying to bring Jesus as Messiah into Israel. "With pleasantness and kindness" they said, "they bring Torah, fear of G-d and even Torah commandments - but all with one underlying theme: that Jesus is Messiah." Rabbi Benny Elon (National Union) responded with sorrow to the decision of the Rabbis. He said that he and others like him make sure to work only with Christians who do not have missionary intentions. It's hard for me to understand: "What can be wrong about forging friendships with those who want to help us and care about us?" Josh Reinstein from CAC said: "It is hard to fathom that there are Jews who are willing to meet with our enemies, yet not with our friends." In the discussion that followed the decision of the Rabbis we can see there is still is a long road to go before we can forgive and accept one another and together discover the Truth in Godís Word.


- regarding the development of good relationships between Jews and Christians regarding the difficult position of Messianic Jews in Israel

- that the love of Christians for the God of Israel and His people will lead to forgiveness and acceptance of the outstretched hand of friendship

- that God will open the eyes of His people and when this happens we as Christians will also see more clearly (Rom. 11:12)


The film series "Against All Odds" tells about the miracles of Israelís survival against all expectations. One episode speaks about a mysterious wind. During the Yom Kippur War Israeli troops stumble upon an enormous mine field. In order to cross they have to painstakingly defuse each mine. An almost hopeless task, until suddenly a mysterious wind begins to blow, which exposes thousands of mines that imperilled their lives. The wind stops as abruptly as it started. This kind of miracles Israel still needs today, especially since a war with Hezbollah and Syria is imminent.


- that God will not only speak through weather conditions but will also use them to do miracles

- regarding the preparations that are taking place for the expected war this summer

- that with Godís help, as the Bible foretells, Israel will consume her enemies


The Bible says when God utters His voice it can thunder in heaven and winds begin to blow. Did God speak to Yitzhak Kaduri, one of Israelís leading Rabbis? A lot of dust was raised in Israel when his followers declared he had met the Messiah before he died. On a small piece of paper he left a coded message with the name of the Messiah, but the contents of the message could only be revealed a year after his death. This is what he wrote:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiahís name:

He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid. (Yarim HaíAm Veyochiach Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim)

This I have signed in the month of mercy (Elul), 5765,

Yitzhak Kaduri

According to the custom of Kabala Kaduri hid his message in the first (Hebrew) letters of the sentence in bold type:

YEHOSHUA, which is Yeshua in Aramaic and the same as JESUS!

It is interesting to note that the Israeli media hardly paid attention to the unveiling of this message. The only newspaper who did, called it a forgery. But official sources around the rabbi confirm the authenticity of the paper. The monthly magazine "Israel Today" writes that in spite of the controversial connections with Kabala, it is remarkable Kaduri came up with the name Yeshua as Messiah.


- that more clear revelation who the Messiah is will occur

- that Godís purpose with revealing His name to Rabbi Kaduri will be fulfilled

- that in their desire to see the coming of Messiah the Jewish people will know who He is


Thank you for your prayers. Blessing and shalom from Zion!