Johny Noer was born February 27, 1936 in Copenhagen. After graduating he studied journalism. During his four year course in November 1958 he was sent to an interview with a French-Jewish author. As they were talking, the Parisian Jew suddenly called out: "I must tell you something. This is not for the newspaper, but for you personally!" Johny was in awe as he heard the Frenchman continue: "Jesus lives today!" He said this as if he had just talked with Jesus.

Here are Johny’s words: "I watched him closely, as he gave me more explanations. I scrutinized his wife Martha and the Swiss translator, and realised that he spoke the truth! A wave of hop filled me. "If it is true that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive, then there is hope!" Ever since then Johny repeats clearly that it was not by chance a Messianic Jew led him to Christ.


The movement "Young Christians"

Working for some time in a Christian Press office, he managed the church news in five important newspapers. Then started his job as translator for English-speaking preachers. With now-deceased evangelist Dennis Clark, he led revivals for "Youth for Christ".

At the end of the 60’s began the movement "Young Christians". At that time Johny was pastor of the Apostolic Church in Lyngby (near Copenhagen) and a member of the nationwide church council.

Because of his work with drug addicts he was released from his job as a pastor. Then the "Young Christians" community bought a house called "Solo Deo Gloria" (Glory to God alone). Now they could help homeless youths more intensively. Through this work new communities started.

Johny was co-editor of the weekly Christian newspaper "The Challenge". With other young Christians he edited in a book titled "Those Christians and their hypocrisy" the answers to the taunting of the daily newspaper. The antipathy of the paper stemmed mainly from the "famous night" in which 120 young men covered and glued shut the windows of all porno shops in the entire country. A few prominent leaders of "Young Christians" were the instigators of this action; they were listed in the morning news, and even the pope recognized them publicly with acclaim.


The Long Journey

On May 23, 1975 Johny married his Gisèle. The four oldest children, John, Charlotte, Phillip and Thomas lost their mother the year before. A little brother, Peter, died in 1968, at two years of age. Florence, the next and oldest of the twelve children, was born in Denmark. Then the long journey to Jerusalem began. On March 15, 1977 the first caravans of the later called "Pilgrim Convoy" rolled over the Danish-German border on its way to Israel.

Gisèle wrote of her viewpoint on child-bearing according to 1. Ti. 2:9-15. in a Danish book "The Pilgrim Convoy". She was 23 years old from the little hamlet Quéré in Bretagne: "As a Christian couple we believed that we are to accept gratefully the children God sends us in His mercy."

Before they left, Florence was born. Then followed Michael, Benjamin, Daniel, Jonathan, Nathanael, Natasha, Naphtali, Jemima, Ephraim, Susanne and Stephanie.

To the convoy a four-mast-tent was added. It was first erected in Copenhagen. After a few years of evangelising in France, the convoy moved in December 1980, including the tent, into other parts of Europe. The caravans took up 200m2 space on the boat "Dana Regina", and left Esbjerg (Denmark) for England.


A clear message

The "Star tent" was set up in one town after another for 25 years, as it was used to proclaim the Good News with the collaboration of the various local churches. As Johny says: "Only eternity will show the fruit of those endeavours!"

At the arrival in Nürnberg Johny received a clear prophetic message about the End Times. For a year the convoy travelled about the town in which 50 years earlier Adolf Hitler enforced his "Nürnberg’s laws". They opened the way for the Holocaust.

On the 50th anniversary Johny and the Evangelical Lutheran Church held a seven-day conference at the "Tempelplatz" of Hitler. This anniversary was in remembrance of the inimical laws against Jews and the concentration camp of Hersbruck.

On April 9, 1989 Johny stood on the roof of the Evangelical Church on Lenin Boulevard Nr. 117 in the town of Varna at the Black Sea. He preached to thousands of Bulgarian believers on the word in Exodus: "Let My People Go!" After the meeting he was put in jail. He was only freed by the personal intervention of Poul Schlüter, the prime minister of the Danish government. The convoy was banned from the communistic Bulgaria. Exactly seven months later, on Nov. 9, 1989, the wall of Berlin fell.

The Danish "Pilgrim Convoy" took sail in Odessa and arrived in September 1995, the Jewish New Year "Rosh Hashana" in Israel.

Just before that, Johny and Gisèle received the sad news of the passing of their oldest son into eternity. With their daughter Charlotte and her husband Johannes Möller Petersen he had continued community work in the Ukraine and Moldova.


For a whole year the National Geographic TV-station made a 52 minutes documentary with the title "Journey to Jerusalem". It was sent to 61 countries and could be seen by 150 million people. In Israel it was broadcast over 30 times! In this film is a scene from the musical "The Temple Shall Be Built Again". This musical is written by Johny Noer with music by Signe Walsoe. It was performed in Denmark, Germany, France and Israel.

"When Women Break Bread" a book by Johny Noer, edited in Denmark, he focuses on the question of women pastors. He considers it a prophetic fulfilment of 2. Thess. 2:1-8, "the great falling away".

The convoy has finally reached its geographical end goal: "the southernmost point of the "new Israel" (Ezekiel 47:19 and 48:28).

The dream close to his heart is a "tent city" near the Salomon’s fortress and biblical city of Tamar. He wishes "to prepare the way of the Lord" in the Arava desert, not far from Bozra (Isaiah 63:1-6, 34:6, 40:1-3 and 43:16-21).

Still his biggest quest is to awaken Christians of all nations to their responsibility towards Israel.

There is only one way that will bring peace in the Middle East: that is the fulfilment of the Apostle Paul’s word to the Ephesians 2:14-18.

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