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Chapter 22

The Babylonian prison commander laughed. His office was next to the long corridor leading to the prison cells. On his desk was an official letter. His obese fat legs hardly fit under the small wooden table. Neither did his elegant briefcase fit the dismal surrounding of the naked, wet walls…

The commander pushed the letter aside and murmured: "Singing lessons! Idiots! This educational nonsense will soon stop!"

The contents of the letter were surprising! To meet the demands of the world, Baghdad and Babylon had created institutions to improve prison conditions.

Statements were to be issued on how long prisoners spent out doors, what they ate, if glass walls separated them from visitors (they should be able to touch their visiting children…even have them on their lap!) … "and now," the commander grinned maliciously: "Singing lessons!"

"Mohammed!" shouted the commander into the corridor. One of the ‘gorillas’ appeared.

"You are to sing with the prisoners!"

"Sing with the prisoners?" The ‘gorilla’ rubbed his head. His evil grin told how he understood this ‘new order’ …

"Yes, get them to sing!"

"Yes sir! No problem! I’ll make them sing!"

"Not THAT way! They REALLY should sing!"

"Yes, sir! They’ll really sing!" the ‘gorilla’ swung his long, hairy arms like clubs.

The commander pushed the letter across the table. The ‘gorilla’ spelt out the first few lines.

"Successful experiments in Scandinavia," commented the commander. "Prisoners become docile, when someone sings with them. Prison choirs arranged. They sing even outside of the walls. After concert, the prisoners return to their cells…"

The ‘gorilla’s’ eyes stared in unbelief. "They return?"

"They produce CD’s; Money goes to charities…"

"I can’t sing!" The warden lifted his club in resignation.

"Don’t have to! People come with music and instruments. Can’t you read?"

The commander pulled the paper back his side. "A project to keep peace in prisons before September 27th. Many will be released before this date. Your job is to see to human rights!"

"To human …what?" The warden stood a gasp.

"Never mind! Find out who wants to sing! Music teachers arrive tomorrow!"

The commander got up clumsily, the wooden table almost collapsing. He went to a steel cabinet and threw the letter into it.

The ‘gorilla’ stood motionless; his long arms hanging.

"Why are you staring?" the commander was irritated. "Collect the prisoners…let them sing!" He waved his arms: "tra – la- - la -! Idiots!" The steel cabinet was shut with a bang.


Silence reigned in the hall of parliament. All seemed fascinated with the defense. The pastor’s task seemed hopeless. That ‘angel’ painting seemed irrelevant now. Mrs. Jones squeezed her handkerchief. The children slid closer, the little one needing to sit on her mother’s lap.

"My task today is to explain why the global constitution must be declared antichristian and anti-Semitic," Mr. Jones began. "I will begin with the paragraph called the Preamble of the constitution. In the first sentence, the founders try to lay down their ideology."

Jones lifted the global law book. "Never before in history, has so much been written about MAMMON as here. One third of this ‘Telephone Directory’ is about brutal capitalism. More than 40,000 regulations! If any should protest against its Godlessness, and demand other dimensions they are informed that the state is only providing for its citizens before death and not after!

The constitution, however, seems not only preoccupied with the PRESENT! It hates even the mention of ETERNITY. It resists anything which is not money, work or career. It persecutes believe in life after death. It’s antichristian!"

The bishop rose. "Examples! he demanded, "not only claims! Let us hear some examples from the ‘Preamble, if you will!"

Pastor Jones left the podium. With the law book in his hand, he wandered through the rows.

"Since the beginning of the history of man," he began, looking around, he repeated: "Since the beginning of the history of man…." Outside, all were listening. He allowed the sentence to sink in. The audience was sure how he’d continue.

"Since the beginning of mankind…"

"No, I’m not reading from the bible! These are words from the constitution. "

The audience was surprised. Nobody had really read the constitution; some had leafed through it but nobody had really noticed these solemn words: ‘Since the beginning of mankind…’ Even the bishop had to verify them in his copy of the constitutional laws but made no move to comment.

"Let us ask what this book has to say about the ‘first days of mankind’. Does it tell us about the mystery of Life, or its origin, or its purpose? Something great must follow when with evident reverence the book speaks of the beginning of all things!"

The TV cameras turned to ‘the fallen angels’. The teams sensed a connection between the ‘beginning’ and that ‘timeless’ ‘rebellion’. It was as though focus shifted to some eternity even before the first days of mankind!" Mr. Jones continued: "The constitution informs us that ‘mankind appeared on different continents in different waves’. Gradually, slowly values developed that today are ‘the fundamentals of humanism’."

The pastor returned, silent and grim, to the podium. "This, ladies and gentlemen, is what this constitution has to offer. Your bishop – not mine - can be happy! No breath of eternity! No Word about a hidden, creative power. Just a pile of rags: Humanism!"

The bishop rose visibly embittered. Jones continued: "Please let me finish, sir!"

The bishop sat down.

"Let everybody know that this constitution is DARWINIAN: The FIRST days…GRADUALLY…mankind EVOLVED… EVOLUTION. This, ladies, and gentlemen, is the ‘survival of the fittest’. The last words of Adolf Hitler, in the Berlin bunker, a few hours before his suicide: ‘…if the German people cannot conquer, they have no right to live!’ he said. The hidden philosophy of ‘superman’! The totalitarian state.

Jones concluded: "’Common sense must prevail’ they say. Those, who, after three bloody wars, still believe that ‘common sense’ will save them from a fourth, should vote for this constitution. All others should vote against."

Shocked and appalled silence sank over the audience.

Bishop Valentin took up the word…


Kaiser Wilhelm gave John Williams an official document with the title ‘WARRANT’

"Sorry to give you this", he said, "but local authorities have determined you must pack up your tent, and leave within 48 hours. You are to sign that it has been translated into Arabic."

"Into Arabic? What for?"

"It’s for the traveling Bedouin; you are one of them!"

John Williams looked over the empty plain. "For 25 years I traveled through many countries, to end up here! We left everything in our homeland, Denmark. We felt the call to go to Jerusalem! My wife bore twelve children on this long journey. In this scorching desert I started to realize why we came so far! Now you come with orders for us to leave!"

Kaiser Wilhelm looked miserable. He raised his shoulders. "What can I do?" he said, "if you haven’t removed your tent within 48 hours, I am supposed to intervene. That would be unpleasant …"

"All right! I have an answer! But your commander in Jerusalem won’t understand; he is a stranger. Therefore he should pass my answer to the Israelis, they’ll understand!"

"The Jews will understand?"

"Yes, the Jews will understand!"

John Williams wrote in big letters ‘RUTH 1.16-18’. He gave the piece of paper to Kaiser, who stood in the sunshine, rubbing hi s chin. "You want my boss to get this code?"

"Yes, and to pass it on to the Israelis!"

"He is to pass on this code to the Israeli authorities?"

"Yes, he is to pass on the name ‘Ruth’, and the verses 1.16 -18. That’s my answer to the Jews."

"And they will understand?"

"Yes, the Jews will understand…"

Reserved, Kaiser went to his jeep. Halfway, he stopped, and returned slowly.

"What does the code mean? Who is Ruth, and what are the numbers beside her name?"

"Ruth was young woman living on the other side of the mountain. " John Williams pointed east. "She came from "Moab"

"It’s on my military map."

"To the Jews she was a stranger, like you and I. When her Jewish mother-in-law tried to send her back to her homeland, her answer is to be found in those bible verses."

"And that’s your answer to the Israelis?"


Kaiser returned to the EU jeep, to send this unusual code to his boss.

Halfway, he turned again:" What’s the answer? What did the Moabite woman say to her mother-in-law?

"I’ll show you!" John Williams found his Bible and read: "…don’t force me to leave you! For where you go, I will go, where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people; your God will be my God! Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried. So God help me – only death will separate me from you"…

Kaiser shook his head.

"Adolf Engels will never understand!"

"That’s why he should pass it on to the Israelis!"

"And they will understand?"

"Yes, they will …"]

Kaiser approached for the third time his jeep. He waved before driving, leaving behind a cloud of dust. …


On his TV, Adolf Engels followed the proceedings in Strasburg. He waited for the bishop’s speech. It was like a slap in the face, that the arrest of the pastor was not followed through. Enthusiastically, he heard the bishop announce the arrest. "At last a churchman, who realizes the dangers!" he growled. "He will bring them all behind bars!"

Adolf Engels was interrupted by a message from the Arava.

"Aha! John Williams won’t leave within the time limit! Suits me fine! Behind bars with him as well!"

With wrinkled forehead he read on: "To pass on to the Israeli authorities? Not on my life! Kaiser Wilhelm must have lost his mind! Enough crazy people! Are we to follow their orders?"

Furiously he tore up the message, and returned to hear the bishop’s reply…