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Chapter 20

The EU parliament building on a May day in Strasbourg. Bishop Valentin was to lead distinguished learned men and lay people, in dialogue. Outside the trees were blooming by the river. Spring had come. The 142 meter high church steeple stretched itself above the town. Towers seem entitled to reach to heaven.

Tension was felt inside the hall. Outside, another riot was brewing. Young activists burned the constitution. The six theses were fastened to church doors all over the town.

As the four pictures were seen on screen, a devout silence reigned. The TV commentator announced the title of each. Muffled murmurs rose through the crowd. It sounded like prayer.

‘The Way to Golgotha’, ‘The Massacre of Innocents’, ‘The Rebellion of Fallen Angels’, and ‘The Tower of Babel’. The murmurs became loud humming. The crowd outside understood what was to be explained inside.

Bishop Valentin was not pleased. He regarded the pictures scornfully, realizing the aim of their presentation. He made notes, seemingly unhappy that TV was focusing on this visual witness. It would disrupt his agenda…

When the music stopped, the bishop stepped up to the podium. Annoyed at the devotional silence that filled the hall. He tried to come to the point at once.

"Here we have men responsible for days of unrest. Respectable statesmen have tried to bring peace into our world. This resulted in a ‘global constitution. Today again, these people, responsible for hostage – taking, have tried to burn these worthy laws in front of this parliament building. Our single question is: "What gives you the right to call our laws antichristian and anti-Semitic?"

With this clear and sharp – tongued introduction, the devout atmosphere was blown away. People with folded hands and bowed heads ‘woke up’, to listen intently. Even outside, the crowd agreed that this question was valid. What thinking lay behind the six theses, revealed in Babylon, now spread like a prairie fire throughout the world?

Jeffrey Jones rose to answer this question. As he was talking, the first picture was projected on screen.

"Just as antichristian and anti-Semitic forces led our Lord Jesus Christ to Golgotha with much pain, so will this new constitution bring much pain on the believers on this nation? In the end these same powers will march against Israel."

A paralyzing silence came into the hall, and spread to the crowd outside. Everybody focused on the ‘Way to Golgotha’ featured on the screen.

Jeffrey Jones continued: "John, the apostle, says that every spirit that denies Jesus is not of God, but the spirit of antichrist, who is to come, and is already in the world.

In spite of the million signatures from 100 intercessor organizations, representing 56 million people in Europe, asking that God be mentioned in the constitution, this request was denied. Neither EU nor the new world government want to mention the name of our Creator in the laws, or to give him the glory!"

The cameras slipped across faces in the hall, uplifted with great attention. Outside all was shock and dismay…

The Brussels pastor ended: "56 god – fearing men openly acknowledged God in 2776 with the American constitution; equally, the composers of this global constitution have the opportunity to honor the Almighty in these laws. But they don’t, they don’t want to, they cannot. To confess belief in God is against their belief, and, worse, to confess faith in Jesus, is to them foolishness. Therefore it is written: ‘Every spirit that does not confess Jesus is Lord, is not of God, it is antichrist spirit. And so we declare these laws are antichristian."

Bishop Valentin rose quietly with a lenient attitude, intent and engaging. "These laws are political, not theological. They allow freedom of religion, but want separation of church and state."

Jeffrey Jones countered: "How can we depend on this freedom of religion, when the law specifies certain situations that only the law can competently meet."

"Where is that written?" asked the surprised bishop.

"In Article 12.2 of the new laws, it is written" ‘The world union has total power…when a situation arises, that requires it! What does that mean, I ask, and all standing outside this morning also? When is it necessary to use ‘total power’? When is it necessary to imprison the crowd standing outside? Why is it necessary that opponents of the system are in prison and concentration camps all over the world? Freedom of religion is true only, when no ‘required’ situation arises. When it is required, ‘outside powers’ step in…"

Pastor Jones stopped a minute. He lifted the global laws high. "On February 27th, 1933, the Reichstag in Berlin was in flames. On February 28th, Hitler wrote the famous ‘fire paragraph’. Scholars say that this ‘antichrist ruled only by this ONE paragraph from then on, until May 8th, 1945."

Heated feelings increased in the hall. Outside, 1000’s raised hands in acknowledgment!

"It is not our intention, bishop, to change the ground laws, ‘truly a rule of citizenship’ and a ‘political manifesto’ into a theological discussion.

"A few years ago the Christian European continent worked on an EU constitution. Politicians then also refused to bow in reverence and thanksgiving to God. "So they have no excuse,-" read Pastor Jones from the New Testament, "as they knew God, but did not give Him glory or thanks, but in their pride fell into foolishness, and their ignorant heart was darkened…"

Jeffrey Jones stopped. He met the bishop’s eyes, and both knew that the next verses would mention. Would the pastor continue?

Pastor Jones held the bible and continued: "Therefore God left them to shameful lusts. Their women turned to unnatural dealings. Also men left their natural inclinations with women, and turned their lust to other men in shameful works, and got what they deserved in their aberated (??) bodies."

A wave of indignation arose in the hall. Inside, their anger was unbridled. Outside, the crowd began to sing: "Every knee must bend, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!"

The bishop rose to answer, but Jeffrey Jones ended his speech with:"Bishop, you asked what right have we to call the laws unchristian? You yourself are the answer! Although Holy Scripture condemns homosexuality, you were ordained as bishop, and that is antichristian! The laws support ‘sexual orientation’, and punishes otherwise oriented believers, if we openly confess our beliefs. Therefore the ground laws are antichristian."

Bishop Valentin had no answer. But as was evident, the audience was on his side, so he did not need to defend himself. The outraged shouts raining down on the speaker covered him. So the bishop seated himself calmly with raised head. He showed such peace; it seemed he had a good conscience...

Now the next picture appeared on the screen: ‘The Massacre of Innocents’. What had Jeffrey Jones to say about that?


In Jerusalem, Adolf Engels followed the incidents. On TV all channels showed the dramatic debates. The security chief was furious! He wanted to voice his protests, but, as usual, could only pace in his living room, and fill the air with heated comments.

When Pieter Brueglel’s painting was carried in solemn procession, he cried, outraged: "Thievery! That’s where the pictures are! Those pious Pharisees are nothing but thieves! If they cannot be imprisoned for counter society actions, we can put them behind bars for criminal acts!"

He grabbed a telephone. A few minutes later a Brussels police squad was under way to the parliament building. Their chief in Jerusalem had given orders to arrest Jeffrey Jones. "Also the suspected in the crowd outside are to be taken before justice. They are all accomplices to the coup in Vienna and Brussels museums. One man in London already is behind bars. Get the whole clan!"

The leader of EU secret services was scandalized. He shouted: "Nobody needs to; hear this religious garbage! They disobey the law, stealing precious objects of art! Into the cage with them! Handcuff them! Law and order must prevail! This mysterious, religious talk is not to the point! The thieves must be condemned!"


"The ground laws will end with a massacre of innocents," continued Mr. Jones, pointing to the picture on the screen. Mrs. Jones sat in the first row. A pretty woman, around 40, mother of four, silver threads showed in her dark hair. A white handkerchief was held desperately in her hands, as she listened intensely to her husband. It was no lecture, it was a sermon! Beside her were four children, two boys, 9 and 14, two girls, 11 and 7 years old. The youngest sat close by her mother.

"Herod was an antichrist. He murdered his own wife and sons, then the innocent babies. The world has yet to see the last of these despots!"

Mr. Jones was not standing at the pulpit. He paced up and down in front of the colorful illustration of the massacre. "This kind of murder can happen tomorrow, according to the global law, for in Article 17.1 it is written that the constitution is flexible, if needed to reach the global goal!"

The bishop searched in his copy of the law. He gave no contradiction; it seemed he found the citation correct.

"Normally, flexibility should be positive. Change is good, if it is for the better. But the only security law for the citizen must never be flexible! In that case, a murderer like Herod can bend the law to his own will. A ground law must never change with circumstances. Today the bishop told us of a ground law with fundamental rights…When this fundamental right can be changed by one paragraph, the law is of no worth! It can only be thrown into the fire!"

At these words, great applause was heard from outside, the crowd tore pages from their law booklets, and they floated through the air.

Pastor Jones opened the index, and declared: "This global law justifies an intervention into a situation, even if there is no legal position for it."

He was walking through the rows, reading: "…even when the constitution has no legal permission for it." He ran to the painting, pointing at the ‘Massacre in Bethlehem’. …even when the fundamental law cannot provide basic legal rights."

There was total silence in the hall, nobody moved. All were staring at Pastor Jones, who stood rooted, with left hand holding the book of law, the right hand pointing to the Herodian Massacre…

"Don’t forget," he quietly continued, returning to the pulpit, "that all the noble values in the global ground laws must be seen through the broken glass of the showcase, called ’a state of warfare’. Words like: peace, tolerance, righteousness, material goods, health and non – discrimination must be seen through the broken glass of terror, persecution, special orders, crises and imprisonment, in short: ‘the necessary situation!’

Pastor Jones returned to the picture of the ‘Massacre’ painting. He called out: "All your well – ordered street scenes with fountains and musicians on sidewalks should from now on be viewed only through the flickering light of the Kristallnacht’s broken glass façade.

The title of this global ground law is on ‘November 9th, 1938, where a massacre again took place. A perfidious hierarchy took charge with ‘crisis management’. I tell you, it will happen again! Jerusalem will be attacked, to protect the ‘schemed peace and order!"

At this moment the barricades broke... People crowded to the entrance, and the first arrests were made.

"As a last commentary to these paintings, I want to quote two reports from this dark era. One is by brigade leader Lutke, from Starkenburg, saying:’on November 30th, 1938, I was ordered to blow up or burn 50 Jewish synagogues at once! Arian property may not be disturbed…"

"On this same morning, the Berlin Gestapo chief, Reinhardt Heydrich, presented Hitler with this news report: "Last night 191 synagogues were burnt in Germany, 20.000 Jews imprisoned, 36 killed, and 815 Jewish stores destroyed."

On parliament square, more arrests were made. With helmet, shields and sticks, the police drove the crowd away from the entrance to the EU castle.

Inside, Pastor Jones finished: "We warned you once, we do it again! Before the last great war, we reread to you the prophet’s words: ‘In that day, when my people Israel live in safety, you will arise from the North, you and many countries with you… and I will judge them with pestilence and blood. A flood of rain and hail, fire and brimstone will fall on him and his people.’

As you know, all this has happened! The mass graves in Israel are enormous. If you attack Jerusalem, it will be a repeat of last time. According to Article 15.1-2, the sovereign power of the system is in the hands of foreign and security politicians. So therefore the world constitution is antichristian and anti-Semitic…"

With these words, the next painting appeared on the screen: ‘the Rebellion of Fallen Angels’. What would Pastor Jones say about that picture? Confusion spread through the hall. The police stood in the back, with orders to arrest, and to confiscate the pictures…