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Chapter 19

What now happened seemed like a repeat of the dramatic events of the year 1517. Those violent days in October, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the door of his church in Wittenberg, Germany.

Mr. Clark’s six points spread into all corners of the world,’ as if angels were their messengers’ …

Nobody had made an effort to read what the global constitution was about. They had no idea what they were voting for. But, when ‘The six Devil’s points’ were made known, people started to take notice. The government feared that some nations would reject the constitution.

In the 16th century the pope ordered Luther to withdraw his writings. Now the government removed all pastors who wouldn’t submit to their bishops. As Luther burnt the papal edict publicly on December 10th, 1517, the ‘new orders’ were burnt in front of churches.

As removal and arrest did not help to stop the fires, pastors and leaders were called to the EU parliament in Strasbourg. Friends warned them not to go to the ‘lion’s den’, but they answered: "Even if there be so many demons as tiles on the roof, we will go there!"

When the double doors of the Strasburg parliament opened, a buzz of indignation went through the assembly: An unusual procession came in.

First the clergy who had lit the fires. Then four paintings! They had been removed (it was whispered) from the museums in Vienna and Brussels.

The TV reporter, Jeff Straw, explained to his global audience. "The first picture title is ‘The Way to Golgotha’", he said. The next is called ‘The Massacre of the Innocents’. The cameras followed the procession, accompanied by melancholy music. The "third picture," continued Jeff, ‘"shows The Rebellion of the Fallen Angels’ and the fourth is the architectural idea of this EU parliament in Strasbourg, ‘The Tower of Babel’, by Pieter Brueghel, in 1563.

Upon reaching the podium, the four pictures were placed on tripods. Cameras projected them on to a large screen: A ‘Show and Tell’ in defense of the men’s witness!

A small group from Brussels was called up, led by Jeffrey Jones. Accused of ‘destruction, fire hazards and theft.’ One question was: ‘How can you justify your accusation of the global constitution? You say that it is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic?"

Jeffrey Jones came up to give his speech. ‘The Way to Golgotha’ was projected on the screen. All were silent. What could this rebel say in his defense?


It was early morning, the doves in the Arava fluttered over John William’s tent. On such mornings, even the rocks seemed to be listening! Everything expectantly awaiting Someone’s coming…

Antoinette Dupont was no exception. With the first sunrays, her eyes looked towards the mountains of Edom. She was waiting for her beloved, Jan, to return.

"He was taken to a Babylonian prison", they said. "There prisoners are forced to speak …"

Antoinette had little regard for Jack Robinson. Still, she trusted he wouldn’t abandon his friend. So, this early morning, she once more stepped out into the wilderness to wait. Maybe the jeep with Jan would appear; maybe he was not far away…

John Williams arrived. He was on his way to ‘The Twelve Palm Oasis’... Once there had been 1000 palms growing on that site. Now they lay dried up on the ground, for unknown reasons. When John found 12 palms, still alive, he called it *The Twelve Palm Oasis’.

"My heritage," explained John, when he told of his palm ‘cemetery’. "When, I walk around, I think of the prophet in the valley of dead bones.’ Then the Lord asks me: ‘Do you believe these palms will rise again?’ And I answer: ‘You know it, Lord.’

John Williams invited the girl to accompany him. "It’s a good mile to my property."

"Is it really yours? Asked Antoinette, amazed.

"No! The government doesn’t think so. But I believe! Not only the oasis, but the entire strip from here to Bozra in the Edomite hills, a mile wide, will be at my disposal. I want to prepare a way for the Lord!"

"Prepare a way for the Lord?"

"Yes. I came here because the prophet Isaiah wrote ‘A way must be made in the Arava!’ A Holy Way. From here to Zion!"

"How will that happen?"

John Williams looked at the girl earnestly. "How? Aren’t you waiting for your own miracle!"

Antoinette searched the desert with her eyes…

"New times, Antoinette; don’t hold on to old ideas. God made a way through the Red Sea. He’ll make a way through the desert!"

A dust cloud appeared. Antoinette stood for a moment with folded hands. Then she started running. Four jeeps stopped. Someone jumped from the first and ran towards the girl. The rising sun seemed to laugh. Doves fluttered around. They neared each other. Out of breath, they embraced.

Tears of joy. Kaiser Wilhelm dropped his binoculars, growling "Love and desert sand! How far to them?"

"600 yards, Lieutenant!"

"All right, we’ll follow. They must be back to earth by now. Let’s go!"


International attention towards unrest on The Temple site in Jerusalem mounted day by day. Some court case of a Messianic Rabbi was of interest, but also mounting complaints of the Moslem world.

"The Dome of the Rock and the El-Aksa-Mosque were not destroyed by earthquake" the Moslems said, "but by the Jews! They blasted the buildings, using the earthquake as an excuse to build their third temple." 250,000 visitors were announced there for the holy month Ramadan….

This feast would be the occasion to build a fifth minaret beside the Eastern Gate. "Called after the deceased king Hussein and symbolic of the five pillars of Islam, "The Jordanian’s Wakf said.

"A challenge to Jewish and Christian tradition," declared an Israeli cabinet minister, Messiah will ride through the Eastern Gate. The gate will stay walled shut until then."

In Babylon and Brussels all this was taken very seriously. A Holy War – jihad – seemed to brew. On all continents hundreds of military units were ready to ‘keep peace’. Their weapons reached 6000 miles, and could attack within 24 hours.

There are three Arabian words for PEACE. One is SALAAM, which means peace, but only among Muslims! The second word is SULKA which means peace with non-Muslims, (implying submission to Islam). The third word is now used for The Temple site. That’s HUDNA. It is a ceasefire, until the Moslems are strong enough to overcome their enemy…

The tension mounted, as Europe supported the Moslem demands." The Moslems too must again be admitted to the Holy Mountain" The EU minister of foreign affairs visited members of the Arabian League, and promised support for the building of the 5th minaret. "It will not hinder the temple", he said. "It’s only a small prayer tower on the East end of The Temple site. If Israel can’t handle that, they have little interest in peace!"

With these threatening clouds on the horizon, the court case against professor Fruchtenbaum was no big thing only a larger building was used. Barriers were there to secure order. Jeff Straw provided ample protection for his team.

The blind judge, Hillel Goldstein, known for his unconventional trials, began with unexpected questions. The lawyers were ready to intervene.

"What do you think of the Moslem demand for a fifth minaret on the Eastern wall of the temple?"

"Objection!" called the prosecutor. "The professor is accused of writing religious slogans! This question doesn’t pertain to the subject."

"Refused!" countered the judge. "Professor, what’s your answer?"

"Allow me, Sir, a historical event for an answer."

"Make it short"

"In the beginning of the 2nd century, "started the professor, "the Roman emperor Hadrian allowed the Jews to rebuild their sanctuary. The Samaritans warned the emperor. ‘This building will start a new riot against Rome’, they said. Hadrian asked them what to do. The Samaritans counseled him to let the construction proceed. Only the Jews should be ordered to change the location in a small way. Hadrian followed their advice. The Jews stopped the building. They assembled in the valley of Bet Rimmon, and wailed about the doom of the temple…

Therefore there is no room for a minaret, or church tower on the Temple site", the professor concluded. "The plans of the prophet Ezekiel must be followed exactly. They contain neither church nor mosque…"

"In the first trial you mentioned that the veil between the Holy and Holy of Holies is not mentioned in these ancient construction-plans?"

Unrest began in the audience. The guards walked through the rows to aquiet it.

"May I answer by quoting the New Testament?"

"Of course!"

A black Rabbi protested, and was taken away.

Professor Fruchtenbaum took a slim book from his inner pocket. He read with a loud voice: The Holy Spirit uses all this to point out to us that under the old system the common people could not go into the Holy of Holies as long as the outer room and the entire system it represented were still in use…"

"And that means?" Judge Goldstein leaned forward. He banged a hammer down... "Order!"

"May I continue, sir?"

"Yes, seems interesting!"

Professor Fruchtenbaum read the last verses: "This has an important lesson for us today. For under the old system gifts and sacrifices were offered, but these failed to cleanse the hearts of the people, who brought them. For the old system dealt only with certain rules – what foods to eat and drink, rules for washing themselves, and rules about this and that. The people had to keep these rules to tide them over until Messiah came with God’s new and better way."

Judge Goldstein had to use his hammer again. "Explain more fully!"

"The importance is whether the temple will be built with one or two rooms."

"And what will happen?"

The professor hesitated. Then he whispered …"I’m afraid it will be built with two rooms…and therefore it will be destroyed again."