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Chapter 18

While the long awaited EU president was on his way to meet with the nine world leaders, there was talk everywhere of the anticipated meeting between Mr. Clark and his vice president! Everyone knew that the head of EU was divided. Two titans, face to face: A seemingly gentle and moderate vice president (but in reality stubborn) and a seemingly cold hearted president (who in reality was a warm personality). Some of the guests squinted at the wall: "The kingdom is divided", they said.

The European national anthem was sung. The TV cameras glided across the faces of the statesmen. Some sang, some didn’t. The text of the "Ode to Joy" echoed: "We are entering the sanctuary…magic binds again…"

The Danish representatives sang with a loud voice. The Germans less energetic, (as if the words reminded them of dark moments). The British had bowed heads, not singing. Others spat out the words, not liking the taste in their mouths…

A wave of enthusiasm greeted the EU president. A man who survived an attempt on his life and had escaped the desert murderers. Here was the victorious answer against religious terror…and some …whispered…"maybe the first president of the new world!"

The EU president greeted the nine state leaders, who congratulated him

on his rescue. Behind the president marched a young lieutenant, decorated with the Iron Cross. "My rescuer!" said the president.

He whispered to the lieutenant: "Take Jack and Ursula at once to the prison. Get Jan out! The Babylonian prison wardens never waste time!" Surrounded by people shaking hands, he kept thinking of the young Greek. As shadowed by the past, he wanted to avoid old crimes. "Hurry," he ordered Kaiser Wilhelm, "the ‘gorillas’ have him already!"

The lieutenant saluted and left. He ran into the courtyard in time to see Jack and Ursula pushed into a barred wagon and taken.


The president continued his greetings until he stood face to face with the vice president. Silence filled the gathering. The vice president had not counted on the return of his chief.

"I’m happy to see you have returned safely, sir", John Edwards said silently.


Neither shook hands; only greeted with a nod.

Six themes were to be discussed. In his speech, the president touched on all. His stately bearing impressed. At his short speech, some doubted it was the same man who a few weeks ago speaking about the world-leader said the words: …’be he a devil or a god, we will follow him!"

Reverent silence filled the throne hall. Mr. Clark began. All the big international TV stations were present, the whole world was listening. What did this man have to say? Would he use these moments well?

"In this throne room 2500 years ago", the president began, "the Babylonian king stood before his ministers and statesmen after he had been deposed of his throne. His situation was similar to mine …"

People applauded. They liked the comparison. History was on the president’s side.

"The reason for the Babylonian king’s life among the beasts of the desert started me thinking. I asked myself: ‘why was it that it went ill with me?’

This brought the well-wishing listeners to laughter. What was the reason that the EU president had to jump over the Saudi Arabian desert and be attacked or tortured by blood thirsty murderers?

"On returning to civilization," continued Mr. Clark, looking seriously at his laughing audience, "I read the story of the old Babylonian king. I learned that he heard a voice from heaven."

The amusement grew louder. All knew the man who said …’be he a devil or a god, we will follow our new leader;’ now he talked of a voice from heaven? Surely: a joke!

The president continued: "In Daniel’s prophecies I found the following ‘…you will be expelled from society and live with animals of the field, until you realize that the Most High rules!"

Scattered laughter was heard here and there. Improper with the president’s seriousness. What else did he have to say"?

"In this very hall the Babylonian king said in his speech: "When I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted mine eyes to heaven, my understanding returned to me!"

He was talking to an astonished audience. Unrest and confusion spread. The president continued: "Something happened to me: Out there in the desert. I lifted mine eyes to heaven, and understanding returned to me. That’s why the first thing I will do …" the president looked around with emotion. Confusion subsided. What would come next?

"The first thing I will do," the president continued," is to withdraw the words I said in Brussels!"

Vice president John Edwards was leaning forward. A scornful smile on his lips. The president continued: "I said, be he a demon or a god, we will follow him! I withdraw these words!"

The tension was nerve-wracking. The president lifted his eyes to heaven, talking to Someone. "I withdraw these words!"

Commotion broke out. TV cameras zoomed on the heated audience. The president continued:

"I warn you about the building of that tower.

I warn you about despising believers in God!

I warn you about attitudes that bring war.

I warn you about military aggression towards Israel.

I warn you about a totalitarian state, like the one, we have established in our judicial system and security force…

I warn you about the paragraph recommending homosexuality; it brings destruction."

At these words, half the audience rose up, furiously calling the speaker to be removed. Bishop Valentin left the hall. Vice president John Edwards followed him. Some others tried to reach the podium.

The president was still standing. A stern look on his face: "I propose…"

The unrest increased, like a dark, agitated ocean.

"I propose that the new global constitution gives glory to the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, the God of Israel, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!"

This broke all reserves. A wave of anger swept over the president as he was leaving the podium, escorted by security, to the exit.

The angry crowd pressed forward; the first rows panicked. The podium was turned over. Desperate people grasped the curtain at the wall, it fell down, burying a struggling mob. Lights went out. The words on the wall became visible: "MENE, MENE, TEKEL". Terrified screams cut through the air. Emergency lights went on, and people fled the palace, horrified.


A ‘green police van drove quickly from the palace. Desert jeeps followed with fluttering star banners. Nearing the jail, the jeeps drove closely behind the transport, to prevent the gates on closing between them. The prison van accelerated to shake off the jeeps. But the EU convoy, in breakneck speed, kept up with the green police van as the gate came into sight. Through the huge dust cloud, nobody could tell, how many vehicles would roar into the prison court…


The evening news described the violent happenings of the summit meeting. The whole world focused on Babylon. Nobody noticed the robberies in three European Museums. Two had succeeded. One was discovered, and the thieves apprehended.

"In all three thefts", explained Jeff Straw from Brussels, "only precious paintings from the Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel were taken. With faked papers, four pictures were stolen from Vienna and Brussels. In London, the burglars couldn’t outwit the security system; they were caught in the act.

One of the thieves is said to be Paul Nashing, a painter from Brussels, known by the police for anti social dealings. The unusual thing about the thefts is that notes have replaced the paintings, saying the pictures will be returned after May 25th. All the pictures date back to the middle of the 16th century. The picture from London is:’ The riot of the fallen angels.’ The titles of the three pictures from Vienna are: ‘The massacre of the Innocents’, ‘The Way To Golgotha’ and ‘The Tower of Babel’.

A wave of revolt spread everywhere. The six warnings of the president were posted on the doors of many churches. In England posters were added to the Anglican Church doors: ‘NO to the bishops with unbiblical attitudes. No to homosexuality that has caused the split of our 70 million memberships."

In Nigeria the protest was supported by the archbishop of 17.5 million souls: "While our continent is destroyed by an epidemic plague, related to homosexuality," he announced on BBC," the church is willing to compensate for any damage done to the church doors!"

In the USA, theses were attached to Episcopal Church doors, declaring that liturgy for homosexual couples should be denied.

"We cannot manipulate Holy Scripture!" was heard everywhere. Presbyterians, Methodist, Evangelical Lutherans hammered their protests on the gates of their sanctuaries. In one night 120 young Christians in Denmark demonstrated against their bishops by posting signs on all their church doors saying: ‘You are blessing sin!’

As the green police van roared through the prison gate, the four jeeps were so close behind, that all five vehicles passed through. Kaiser Wilhelm’s troop overwhelmed the security guards, locked them up, and freed Jack and Ursula. Then the team took up strategic points, while Kaiser Wilhelm marched with four men to the overseer’s office. He showed his papers and demanded Jan Apostolou to be handed over. The prison chief turned pale. He took time to go through the papers. "I need more information", he said.

Kaiser Wilhelm’s four men locked the office. "Give him up; now, or suffer the consequences…" they said.

Reluctantly the chief warden sent for Jan Apostolou. As they carried him in, still unconscious, the noise of rattling tin cans on the cell bars was repeated. The chief looked away. Kaiser Wilhelm approached him: "So that’s why you wouldn’t free him! Abuse of prisoners!"
Jack and Ursula tried to bring Jan back to consciousness. He opened his eyes.
"Where am I?" he whispered.
"In prison," said Jack, "and you deserve it, putting everybody in danger!"
Jan looked around. "Thank you," he said, "you came just in time. We can’t leave! Just one more word to the prisoners!"
Jan and the commander were taken to the prison corridor.
Our visitor has a word for you," called the warden. Quiet was restored, and Jan called out: "You’ll be freed before September 27th."

Shouts of excitement. Kaiser Wilhelm, Jan, Jack and Ursula marched through the corridor, shaking hands before returning to their jeeps. The Iron Gate closed behind them.
So you want to free 400 political prisoners before September 27th?" Jack asked jokingly.
"Yes, you’ll see!" answered Jan weakly…