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Chapter 7

On a dismal, grey morning Kaiser Wilhelm made his way south to Eilat. In his talks with John William Andersen (as his name was corrected from Brussels) he gathered that Antoinette Dupont tried to get into former Jordan, by way of Aquaba.

The night before he had heard the cries of owls from the cliff by the Twelve Palm Oasis, and he also seemed to hear a rumbling under the endless sand dunes. Yes, he even tried to convince his indifferent men that ‘the mountains were bursting’. However he didn’t dare tell them that at midnight a ringing laughter had met him out of the wilderness, and everywhere he saw unkempt birds, and heard the hoarse cries of starlings…..

"I’m going crazy," he whispered to himself. "Something is wrong with Kaiser Wilhelm! It’ s hard to gather threads in this lonely wilderness."….

The ‘threads’ he mentioned were connected to the news he had received from Brussels and Jerusalem. First he heard about the hostage drama, and was told that all code words of wanted persons would be changed. The words ’jungle beasts’ and’ temple knights’ were to be taken out of the vocabulary. From now on there would only be two groups, ‘terrorists’, or fundamentalists’. "This is important for us and the way the public would comprehend it", commented Adolf Engels from Jerusalem.

"That means," explained the Kaiser to his men, "that Antoinette Dupont, whom we are following south to Aquaba, is a terrorist, and John Williams Andersen from Denmark is a fundamentalist. They are both dangerous, but we are told not to take anyone captive. It’s all about a religious network, whose threads must be untangled….."

Also he was ordered to report the ‘fundamentalist views ‘of John William Andersen about the biblical-geographic area, in his location. That annoyed the Kaiser, as he would have preferred to go south. Now he had to start another interrogation. So he took John Williams Andersen off to the small stronghold of the military desert jeeps …


Jack Robinson appeared in the entrance of the European Council Building in Brussels, with his right hand, as usual, in his vest pocket. That is how he vigilantly had followed his chief as bodyguard for a couple of years. The difference was that the weapon he was clutching once used to protect the president was now ready to kill him at a moment’s notice.

Great rows of white, gleaming motorcycles with gala uniformed police turned towards the sculpture of ‘the bull and the woman’. Jack Robinson walked relaxed and smiling behind the president. Before the two men disappeared into the car, (held open by one of the chauffeurs) they stopped a moment before the long-horned bull and the woman with flowing hair to be photographed. Jack Robinson waved at the press. "Antichrist," he called, pointing to the sculpture. "The beast from the Bible! The president has invited him to take over the EU: "Be it a god or a devil, we will serve him", he said.

Mr. Pierre-Henri Clark bent his head bitterly: "Shut your mouth," he hissed at the former bodyguard.

"Don’t swear," admonished Jack. "I am only repeating your speech, and you should be honored to be so remembered. Tomorrow the newspapers may report your words once more: ’Be it a god or a devil, we will follow him…"


"Fantastic!" cried John Edwards triumphantly, as he followed the drama from the opposite windows. "Fantastic! Just as I imagined! I just hope the sharp-shooters will hold their fire. We need him alive! Everything he is doing proves that a religious network is behind him. Every word he utters puts a sword into my hand. Everything he does justifies my plan!"

"An awesome situation!" came the voice of Jeff Straw, the journalist, from the TV. "The whole world is witnessing that the president’s bodyguard could be a dead man any second. At this moment half a hundred automatic weapons are pointed at his head. He wouldn’t even have time to raise his pistol, before his brain is smashed. What causes a united terror fighter-unit to hold back? Who gave the command not to shoot? Who accepted the demands of the hostage-taker? What incredible, unknown plan is behind this drama?"

"Now I understand," murmured Adolf Engels in Jerusalem. He was following the happenings in Brussels on his screen. "Of course they don’t shoot him! The way he motivates his crime gives us the right to attack the whole company of fundamentalists! Let’s see what happens next! Jack Robinson serves us better than his precious hostage. We’ll soon be rid of our enemy, and all the people will rejoice …"

Suddenly Adolf Engels was torn out of his triumphant reverie; he saw Jack Robinson pulling the pistol out of his inside pocket. He lifted it high over his head. All the sharp shooters could follow his every movement. With both hands on the pistol, he stood a minute, weapon directed to the sky. He smiled, knowing that the whole world had their eyes on him. He realized the powers that surrounded him. Uncovering his chest, he said: "Go ahead….shoot… if you dare…"

The court yard by the EU hall was filled with tension. A breeze blew through the square; snow lifted and flew between the blue-blinking motorcycles. The chauffeur stood at the open door - horror in his face! He didn’t even notice the snow blowing into the car. John Edwards came frightened to the window .His hands clutched the window frame, and his large eyes looked with unbelief at the unreal scene in front of him.

Jeff Straw dropped his CNN-microphone, letting the picture run silently over the screen. Not only had he lost his voice in awe, the wordless picture came stronger than any narrative! "This moment was so uplifting," he declared later, "it could never be described in words. Something mighty and unearthly was beginning to happen…"

It’s hard to tell how long Jack Robinson, noted for his bravery in the Gog war, stood there with his weapon uplifted. The picture froze and whirled like the light snow into the TV screens everywhere... This was THE PICTURE of the century: A slim, dark figure with lifted arms, clutching a long pistol towards the heavens. Under his arms ducked the president with bent head, as if ready for his funeral. Behind him the black, gleaming limousine, (reminding of the assassination of the American president, John F. Kennedy). The sculpture of the ‘beast and the whore’ in front, and next to the president the smartly dressed police, giving with their white helmets a memory of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table.

Jack Robinson lowered his pistol like a ‘slow motion’ scene on TV. The whispering could be heard of the command to shoot, if the pistol would be pointed at the president. Jack Robinson acted accordingly. Slowly he turned away from the president, lowering his pistol with a certain dignity, aimed at the bull and fired six shots. The first bullet hit the woman. It seemed she sank exhausted, and the snow around her breast turned red and dark. The other five shots hit the broad forehead of the bull, ripping it apart.

Jeff Straw, (in that poetic vein most reporters have), maintained later that he had heard the roaring of the bull…." mortally wounded… galloping on and on to his death…."

Like a proud bull fighter in a Spanish arena, who had just overcome a deadly moment, Jack Robinson returned his empty pistol into its holster. He turned to his invisible audience and declared loudly: "That’s the end of antichrist and the whore!"

Mr. John Edwards clapped enthused behind his window: "Grandiose! It couldn’t be better! This man plays right into our plans, telling the world why we must oppose all religious fundamentalists. This shows the intent of his motives. His words justify our "war against the saints…."

Adolf Engels stood up from his easy chair, also giving his approval. "Good work, Mr. Vice president!" "You show the world from which direction our global community is endangered. This crazy man identifies our enemy! Today war begins against the fundamentalists. With all their mentally deranged talk about antichrist and the whore. Just what we needed. This dangerous, sectarian group must be eliminated. There will be no peace until they are behind bars. Either they or we! Either their kingdom or our world community! There can’t be two rulers – one must go so that the other can reign!"

For a moment Adolf Engels was surprised at his own words, as if they were given wings. He felt an inner glow. He was inspired. He could have continued for hours….

…"But what do you say, Mr. Professor?" he called, as he opened Joseph Fruchtenbaum’s book "The Antichrist". He found the place where he had left off a few hours ago.

"…and I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and witnesses of Jesus…" he read, reflecting: "That means that the paragraph in the global constitution about the abolishment of the death penalty must be changed! This humanitarian nonsense will never finish someone like him!" With irritation he pointed at Jack Robinson, who at that moment got into the car with Mr. Clark.


Now the escort got into motion through the snowy plaza in Brussels. People filled the streets to watch the unusual drama. The curiosity of the crowd grew with mixed feelings. Most of them saw Jack Robinson as a dangerous criminal, who should not get away with his crime. Some made fun of his bravery and provocations. Some thought his idea of the ‘red carpet’ and ‘the flags at half-mast’ wild. As Jack Robinson waved his hand, riding in the car like a king, some even dared to wave back with a smile. Still the police had to intervene against some furious Belgians, who wanted to take the law into their own hands. Policemen had to take a hunting gun from a man pointing at the black limousine. "If the authorities don’t do anything, we will…" was the shout.

When the honor guard arrived at the international airport of Brussels, all areas were roped off. The president and his companion walked then to the ‘red carpet’ leading to the waiting plane, a military troop transporter. The black, iron cross, (taken by EU as their military emblem), gleamed, foreshadowing disaster.

As the president and his companion got out of the elegant silver-black car, the horn orchestra played the national anthem of EU" Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy". Jack Robinson did not any longer walk nonchalantly behind the bent president. He followed him with his pistol drawn. At the moment Mr. Clark disembarked from the car, Jack pressed the pistol into his neck. Grimly he followed his former boss on the red carpet to the waiting machine. He gave the two officers with drawn swords a sign to follow at a greater distance. His beaming face showed that he considered every step a miracle. His eyes gazed at the honor guard, as he entered the plane backwards, now pressing the pistol at the forehead of the president. As both men were disappearing into the machine, the president bent to pick up a little piece of paper that had fallen to the ground. Then the door closed and the steps were removed. Slowly the machine rolled to the starting point. The music stopped, the honor guard was called off. Only two flag poles with flags at half-mast were left alone. A cold wind followed ‘King Arthur and his knights’. The March wind took the blue flags slowly, opening them in a sad greeting.

Jack Straw told his camera crew to keep the blowing flags in focus. As he saw the l8 golden stars, he noticed the unusual grouping of them. "Keep them in focus," he called. "The world must try to solve the riddle: why are 18 stars separated into three groups of six each? That shows three times six. What does 666 mean?"

His voice was drowned in the rumbling of the machine flying over their heads. For a moment the trembling picture on TV showed: the two 666-flags as back-drop for the two silver-black iron crosses, ascending into the icy blue sky.