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Chapter 6

The operation centre in the European committee building in Brussels, established in a hurry, was filled with the attention of the global media world.

The vice president, Edwards, was not comfortable; he was a seemingly humble, laid-back, sensitive man, who avoided public affairs. The vice-president was a blond angular man in his 30’s. With a friendly smile he gave his attention to people that approached him. Sometimes he even seemed naïve and surprised over the evils of the world.

The first time he heard about it, "he broke into tears", people said. John Edwards set great value on the statue of the bull and the woman, in front of the Council Building. "Avoid bloodshed if possible", he ordered the security police. However, when Jack ‘s bullet hit the forehead of the steer, and shattered some of its precious horns, Edwards became so furious, that he ordered an end to this ‘irresponsible drama’ at all costs….

When he was informed of the happenings in the Arava, he likewise reacted bitterly. "This is a murder sect. Watch its members closely!" he yelled. His co-workers were perplexed over his reactions. They couldn’t connect ‘head-covering’ in the Arava with "hostage-taking" in Brussels. Nobody understood how come this friendly and obliging man could use words as ‘murderous sect’ and ‘dangerous, religious network’, connecting it to an insignificant happening in a desert tent, miles away.

"The press is getting on his nerves", they said.

"You will see!" he argued. "If we don’t finish them, they will finish us."

A shot rang from the opposite building and a bullet pierced the window pane, shattering glass all around. The hostage-taker wanted attention. John Edwards threw himself to the floor. "You see", he shouted, "it’s a dangerous sect! Murderers!"

A security official opened up radio communication with Jack. All listened. John Edwards stood up with a seemingly reverend attitude, as the EU-president, Pierre-Henri Clark let his voice be heard. As chief of the Union he himself gave the commands for his release. It was evident by his voice that he would not tolerate any contradiction.

"Is the vice president, John Edwards, present?"

"Yes, Mr. President," answered Edwards.

"All right, I make you responsible that at no point, you will fire at Mr. Jack Robinson. There must be no effort to end his life in order to free me. Mr. Robinson agrees that when I am re-instated to my duties, I can organize a world-wide search for him, bring him to court, for his crimes – but until then, he is free! The means he demands for his release must be given him without delay!"

"Yes, Mr. President!"

"I want to underline," the commanding voice came out of the crackling loud-speaker "that we are dealing with a dangerous network of an irresponsible enemy of our society. From now on not only my life is in danger."

"Yes, Mr. President," said John Edwards, gazing around knowingly, to show all in the room, that his dismal prophecies were being confirmed.

"All right! Mr. Jack Robinson’s list for my release is as follows…..

John Edwards gave his secretaries a sign. They sat down next to the loud-speaker and wrote….

The sky over Brussels was unusually blue. The streets, on this cold March morning, were deserted. Something invincible hung over the snow-white city; a certain ‘winter stillness’. Was it the so-called ‘calm before the storm’?

The American journalist Jeff Straw, and his camera crew had placed themselves in the strategic position. The sculpture "bull and woman" was always in the background, but they themselves were safe from the bullets of the ‘pistol-hero’. The program started with a description of the unknown hostage-taker, who seemed to have luck at that moment. Jeff Straw explained:

"Jack Robinson was born in the former Walisian mountain town of Pennygroes, and grew up in a middleclass family. He graduated from high school with normal marks. He loved sports, but otherwise was not noticed. He lived through the Gog war, where he excelled in a parachute unit. They often had to jump over Israel on the former Jordanian side. His life was saved when he found refuge in some caves about l00 miles north of Aquaba.

Since the war he is known by the "No. l720", in the security department in Brussels When Mr. Clark became president, he chose Jack Robinson as his personal bodyguard."

Jeff Straw, who spoke ‘live’ from Brussels on this snow covered March morning, was known at CNN as a sharp-tongued, challenging reporter. The night before he had used the expression ‘blind mole officials’, describing the EU-castle in Europe. It caused some consternation that the TV-station would allow such a description to be broadcasted world-wide. Straw was reminded to ‘lay his words on the golden scale’.

"Give me the bull and the woman," Jeff Straw said to his camera crew. "Nobody really knows the reason for this hostage-taking", he reported, "but in connection with the dramatic events, there was a discussion between the president and the bodyguard over this statue. Eye-witnesses say that the president energetically announced his bodyguard, that this sculpture is not representing an apocalyptic picture from the book of Revelations. Right after that, Jack Robinson, "No. 1720", opened fire on the security of the EU-Council .Since then the president has been in the power of his bodyguard, who now has set certain demands for the release of the hostage.

"The list of the demands is at this moment not made public", Jeff Straw continued, "but has been shown to the vice president. It is said that the hostage-taker will be given free exit, and will be escorted in the president’s limousine to the Brussels airport momentarily."

The reporter asked again for pictures of the sculpture and the entrance hall.

"The sharp-shooters from behind all shelters have their weapons directed to this entrance behind the statue. That is where the EU-president Pierre-Henri Clark and his bodyguard are expected to appear. The question is, whether the terror-unit will open fire? Will the officials keep their promise, or will Jack Robinson be riddled with bullets as he exits the EU-Council hall?"

The sun rose flaming white over Jerusalem. The Holy City lay framed against the Mount of Olives, like a golden postcard. The air was like filled with transparent waves, in which white horses galloped over the temple area. The city of The Great King was expecting some fulfillment….

Adolf Engels’ headquarters were on the third floor of a square, imposing building, not far from the temple area. The colossal cement structure didn’t add to the street’s beauty. It resembled a bunker from the Third Reich, (still visible on Layerstrasse in Feucht, not far from Nuremberg). Not even the earthquake in Jerusalem had touched Adolf Engels’ building. Only the balconies surrounding the house were damaged. Some had not yet been repaired.

Adolf Engels, the 60 year-old, plus, EU-police officer, was a broad-shouldered figure, inspiring faith and trust. This seemingly sincere personality was part of his career. He had served several EU-presidents as ambassador in difficult places like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. He was well known to think before he spoke. He was fluent in English, French, and German, and understood Russian. When asked by an associate whether to congratulate him for his latest appointment in Jerusalem, or to show sympathy, he answered: "Both."

He was called the "Intelligence Czar". and had access to the yearly budget of 40 million Euros, given to the global security service by the European Commission. Not everybody in the encompassing security net of EU looked with benevolence at Adolf Engels’ central position. Some had hoped for the same job, - a few generals, one member of the committee, also several Directors of the EU "intelligence service". For that reason there was no communicating with that "EU-monster in Jerusalem!" Some thought he would do better in Iran or Saudi Arabia. After the Gog war there was work to be done in establishing new, democratic constitutions.

Adolf Engels was the son of a German business man; he had studied in Berlin and Stockholm. As a young student, about 40 years ago, he was noticed by a certain Harvard professor, named Henry Kissinger. The only dark side of his career came when he closed an eye to some painful violation of EU-human rights. The present hostage episode hurt him especially, as he tried to keep Mr. Pierre-Henri Clark well informed of any near East situations. Therefore Adolf Engels tried to tie the events in Brussels with the developments in the near East. He felt that there was a secret connection between the work at the temple area in Jerusalem, and the unhappy fate of his chief in Europe and that’s why he was interested in the books by professor Fruchtenbaum. "In those books I confiscated a few days ago, is the key to the hostage drama in Brussels", he thought. "This will unravel the network connecting the Greek Jan Apostolou, the’ girl of the Miniprix’, Antoinette Dupont, the Scandinavian John Williams, ( he had found out that his full family name was Andersen), and his wife Virginia, also Joseph Fruchtenbaum, and the murderous attack by Jack Robinson, who at this very moment, as far as he could follow TV announcements, was expected to appear at the exit of the Brussels’ EU-Council hall, from where he should be taken under free custody to the international airport.

On this morning in March the chief of EU-‘intelligence service’ in the Middle East had made himself comfortable in his huge TV room. On a little, brown mahogany table beside his leather chair laid professor Fruchtenbaums books. A large TV hovered at man’s height on a moveable stand to give the latest news from Brussels.

Mr. Engels was not a man to merely focus on one thing; he followed several projects at the same time. At this moment he was visibly busy with the details of the Brussels-story but at the same time he looked into the works of professor Fruchtenbaum about antichrist. As he watched the TV events, he wrote notes about the book. His well-trained brain worked at a fever pitch, to come to a conclusion. He was at a point of collecting information that could soon help in closing the trap he had prepared…

He watched TV. At the moment there was a sinister quiet in Brussels. The camera focused on the entrance to the European Council Hall. Sometimes the picture turned on the metal sculpture of the ‘bull and the woman’, enveloped in snow. Sometimes it showed the bull’s forehead pierced by a bullet. But nothing was happening! Although the whole world was watching breathlessly for something to happen, the ‘snow picture from Brussels ‘seemed frozen. No motion visible. The voice of the reporter sounded tired with the many repetitions.

Adolf Engels used the moment to find more information about ‘the bull and the woman’ in Fruchtenbaums book. He read:"And he led me in the spirit into a desert. And I saw a woman sitting on a red bull, covered with blasphemous names with seven heads and ten horns.’ For a moment he looked at the TV where nothing further had happened. He continued reading: "And the woman was clothed with purple, overlaid with gold and precious stones and pearls, and she had a golden cup in her hand, filled with the horrors of her lewdness, and on her forehead was a name, a secret: Babylon the Great, Mother of whores and the horrors of the earth.’

"But look! Now motion comes into the picture. A police escort on blue, flashing motor cycles accompanies the president’s black limousine through the snowy, white streets of Brussels. The blue flag with l8 stars waves on the chrome-framed front of the elegant car, and Jeff Straw, the TV- reporter, declares ironically that the hostage-taker has demanded, according to state ranks, this flashy escort, to give more credence to the liberty he asked for. Even the red carpet in front of the readied plane must not be left out.

"Also," at this the announcer could not refrain from laughing, "on both sides of the red carpet an honor guard of two policemen with drawn swords is to follow the president and his guard to the plane."

"Oh, shucks," growled Adolf Engels "How can Brussels fulfill these hair-raising demands. It is a derision of the system!"

"Some see Jack Robinson’s demands as mocking the system," continued the CNN reporter on TV, "but it seems that the vice-president John Edwards is forced to take the threats of the hostage-taker serious. It may be that a well-organized network of religious terrorists is ready to strike in the whole European continent and the Near East. There is danger that Jack Robinson, an excellent marksman, could, in his last breath, fire a deadly shot at the president. Therefore the security has warned the vice president to give in to the demands for the present."

"Idiots," cried Adolf Engels, hotly, "what kind of counselors do we have there in Europe? There is only one way: Finish him off! He doesn’t have a chance, if he gets hit …like the bull!" At that moment TV again showed ‘the bull and the woman’ at EU-Council hall.

"Besides," finished Jeff Straw his comments", the president plus the vice-president gave their word that Jack Robinson’s life would not be in danger. Psychologists, who have investigated the mental condition of the hostage-taker, are convinced that: if Brussels keep their word, he will do the same…."

That’s why Vice president John Edwards had given the command that the demands of the hostage-taker were to be fulfilled to the smallest wish. "No deviation," he declared. "No shot fired, the red carpet rolled out in the international airport. An honor guard set up. Two officers in gala-uniform with drawn swords march behind the president and his "bodyguard", and…" (at these last words the lips of the vice president quivered, and he could hardly keep from crying)…." According to demands of the hostage-taker: At the entrance into the plane, two masts are to be erected, on which the blue flag of EU, with l8 stars, will fly. For an unknown reason, the flags have to be made so that the golden circle of stars is separated into three parts, six stars in each group…