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Chapter 3

After the big earthquake, the alleys of the bazaar in Jerusalem awoke to new life. They were destroyed by shaking. Was it fulfilling the words of the prophet Ezekiel 2600 years ago: "Every wall will fall to the ground?" The colourful streets of the old city were eradicated. The temple grounds were now four square miles. In the neighbouring quarters the sale stalls shot up like mushrooms. The narrow alleys and the clean cobble stones seemed the same. The air was filled with the aroma of spices, bread, fruits. Limitless choice of dresses, antiques and sandals, eagerly offered to tourists lost in the shuffle.

Many walls were broken in the earthquake. The Richter scale swung throughout the world. The round dome of the Rock, together with neighbouring churches and synagogues tumbled into the abyss. The shaking took no heed of "Holy Places". Now, after the war (which was soon labelled The Third World War), the temple area of Jerusalem was cleared. Was it to give place to the Jewish sanctuary?

Because of this, Professor Joseph Fruchtenbaum took up his quarters nearby. "I live in the most expensive piece of land on earth," he joked: "I live near the place called by historian Josephus Flavius, ‘a golden disc, shining in the evening sun’. Now I see the roof of the third temple rising over it…"

Professor Fruchtenbaum went to the window of his study. Carefully he drew the shades aside and stayed close to the wall as the beam of searchlight hit the window. "They have found you out," he said to the young Greek standing at another window. "I have a place to hide you."

"Come quickly! He pushed a button, and a piece of the wall filled with books rolled aside. Behind the opening was a dark room. The Greek disappeared. The professor rolled the wall back. He put the books somewhat back in order. There was a knocking at the door. Quickly he put more books and papers on the table. His glasses fell off to the floor. The man in his long white garment looked feverishly for his glasses, but gave up at last, as the knocking continued.

When he went to open the door, books were still lying on the floor. One had the English title:" Antichrist", the other was "The New Testament."

At the entrance voices could be heard. With bright flashlights three EU policemen entered the dimly lit study. "You say that you have no visitor, professor Fruchtenbaum?"

"That seems funny as we saw the young Greek enter your house. Through this very gate and still he is not here?"

"You can see for yourself, he is not here."

"But he was here?" The tone was commanding.


"And he left from here?" The question sounded ironic-sceptical.

"You can see for yourself! He is not here."

"How long was he here?"

"A few minutes. He left these books behind." The professor went to the table to show the pile of books he had just lifted off the floor. "As you see, I had no time to put them into the bookshelf."

The policeman sarcastically looked at the titles. He had to use his flashlight for every cover. With a loud voice he read: "The Messiah and the future Temple", "The meaning of the temple sacrifice", ‘What happened to the veil’? 'Where is the ark of the covenant"? ‘The King is coming’!"

"ALL written by Professor Joseph Fruchtenbaum" coldly said the officer. "Interesting book titles. You’ll allow me to take them with me." He handed the five books to an EU officer. "I am interested in these subjects. They seem to invite a lust for reading in your Greek friend. It would give me pleasure to talk with him some day...I mean, your Greek friend. You wouldn't know perchance, where he went? Our common interests lead me to look for him."

Quickly he turned to his followers. "Search the house," he ordered impatiently. "The Greek is here somewhere. The professor is somewhat confused with all his writings."

He turned to Fruchtenbaum: "And where did he go? Forgive my pressing question, but again: Where did he go?"

"He has a job at the temple area."

"Ah, your Greek friend, Jan Apostolou, who is momentarily sought after by the police, is gone to the temple area? I just got the news that our EU-president is in great danger. A crazy shooting man has him fast as hostage in Brussels. This crazy man and Mr. Apostolou happen to be friends, and belong to the same murderous sect. While the entire world acclaims these people, your friend makes a little stroll to the temple area in Jerusalem? How sweet! How romantic! Maybe he went there to enjoy "the last rays of the evening sun on the golden rooftops?"

Professor Fruchtenbaum was startled at the expression. "Yes, we know your often used quote from Josephus Flavius," smiled the policeman.... as well as other sayings of yours. You belong to The Temple Knights!"

"The temple Knights?"

"Oh, well, I understand that you seem surprised. This label stems from us. "Temple Knights" because you want to destroy The Third Temple. We have watched you. Your conspirators go back to Titus, who burnt the second temple in the year 70 with his 36000 Roman legionaries.

Fruchtenbaum stared at the policeman perplexed. In all the excitement he hadn’t noticed that small cameras had been installed everywhere. Behind lamps and books and clothing they were fastened in the dark.

"What is your Greek friend doing on the temple grounds?" The EU-officer regarded his victim triumphantly."

"He has to measure a certain space of the grounds," the professor answered calmly.

"What measurements?"

"A space of 488 yards to the west, 468 to the east, 315 to the north, and 278 yards to the south."

The policeman was surprised.

"What does that mean? What are you speaking about?" He could not hide his interest.

And why should the Greek measure this area?"

"Because he wants to make a film about the third temple. We work together on this project. He must find the exact space of the second temple, especially the ten square yards."

"What ten square yards?"

"The Holy of Holies..."

At the mention of these words, all the lamps in the house lit up brightly, then went out completely. It seemed like an explosion, but there was no bang. The men cried out horrified, some went into hiding, some took to their weapons. Some fell off the chairs, with their arms over their heads.

The police officer had risen and taken the professor by the arm, as if looking for shelter. Professor Fruchtenbaum regarded the confusion around him with a placid smile. "A short circuit," he said matter-of-factly. That happens when there is work done at the temple... but electricity will return shortly. Only now all the bulbs are burnt out; there will be no more light tonight.

"Thank you for your hospitality." The EU-officer walked towards the exit.

"We will leave you for a while."

A crackling noise under his boots. A hand groped around the floor and found two more books. "What have we here?" the officer said wearily. "Oh, yes, the Antichrist and The New Testament? I will borrow these also, professor. Much thanks. Good reading in the evening. When do you expect your Greek friend?"

"No idea."

"That’s what I thought. I have enough books to read. Good night, professor."

"Good night, Mr....?"

"Oh, I forgot. Forgive me. I should have introduced myself. My name is Adolf Engels. My business card. From EU in Brussels. In case your Greek friend appears, please call me right away...."


As Mr. Adolf Engels sat down in the spacious police car, parked at the end of the bazaar, the loud call to prayer was heard from a nearby Minaret. It rang through the lonely street. The inside of the car was furnished with comfortable seating, lights and several apparatus and gadgets. Adolf Engels lit one of the screens. The figure of the professor was visible only in outline. "He still has no light in his living room," murmured Engels. "No matter. What he says is important. What's going on now?"

The outline of the book case moved. A figure entered from the dark. Voices could be heard.

"The police were here. Get in contact with Antoinette at once. Tell her that we only know little about the Mark. She must be careful when they propose electronic devices to her."

Both men went to the window. With the streetlight their faces became more visible. Engels stared at the screen. He was ready to take down information.

"The three letters for ‘world wide web’, www, are in Hebrew the letters vav/vav/vav." continued the grey-bearded man.

The camera zoomed automatically for a close-up of the speaker. The deep-set eyes gave the impression of another world. Like a message form Outer Space. Adolf Engels sat back, with terror in his eyes… as if lame! What he just heard sounded like a message to the whole world.

"The three Hebrew letters, vav,vav,vav, signify numbers. Here in Jerusalem, all entrance into Internet opens up with three numbers of 6, therefore 666."

Adolf Engels took the book from of the professor's library. He stared at the title:" The Antichrist".

The voice came again. The face of the grey man appeared once more. His eyes directed at Adolf Engels, who shrank into himself; as if he were on a court bench. "In the New Testament it is written that the 'beast will force all to have this mark, 666, put on their forehead or right hand."

Adolf Engels looked at the ghost from Outer Space as if hypnotized. He searched with his one hand for the other book. Like a robot he leafed through the pages, while that voice 'from heaven' came to tell: "Take special notice of the words from the Book of Revelation chapter 13, verses 16-18."

Adolf Engels looked desperately for these verses. No idea where they were located. The eyes from the monitor were still directed to him. The voice continued: "Revelations is the last book in the bible!"

At last Adolf Engels found the verses. As he heard the words "The Greek island of Patmos..." he murmured: "Here we have it again, THE GREEKS! I'll get him yet, this Greek! And he won't escape just by exile." He smiled slyly. "We have other methods...."

The fact that in Jerusalem Internet is entered with the three Hebrew letters suggests to me a warning to beware of the introduction of metal chips. Listen to this: The beast forces all, the small and the tall, the rich and the poor, free men and slaves to get a mark on their right hand or on their forehead."

Somebody knocked at the door. Adolf Engels quickly laid the New Testament aside. "Don’t disturb me!"

While the professor explained, Adolf Engels wrote some puzzling notes: ‘Professor Fruchtenbaum declares that believers should be warned, not only to have electronic chips introduced into their body, he also points out that they must not be tattooed. He quotes Leviticus 19.28, where according to the Torah this is forbidden.